PayNet AbsolutePD Outlook®

PayNet AbsolutePD Outlook® provides the quarterly default rate forecast for the U.S. small business population segmented by NAICS, state and exposure size. This allows you to rapidly identify which regions and industries are experiencing the greatest changes in their risk outlook so you can plan your portfolio and business strategy more proactively


  • Compare your small business portfolio risks with national forecasts in order to determine if sectors of your portfolio are leading or lagging.
  • Select sectors to target for growth or those to exit with knowledge of future performance.
  • Gain knowledge of risk trends for states and industries outside of your portfolio to target safe growth opportunities.
  • Identify which states, industries, and loan-exposure sizes are likely to pose the greatest and least risks.
  • Identify the direction and magnitude of changes in 12-month credit rating forecasts every quarter.

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About AbsolutePD Outlook

AbsolutePD Outlook is a series of quarterly reports that provide credit rating forecasts and migration tracking on a cross section of U.S. small businesses. These reports are available through a secure online platform, available 24/7.

AbsolutePD Outlook offers three standard reports that can be filtered by the user. Each report provides a point-in-time snapshot of the 12-month credit rating forecast and exposure for small businesses in PayNet’s database and calculates the difference between these points from two selected quarterly start dates. The reports provide credit rating forecasts and migration trends for three types of segmentation of the U.S. small business economy:
   1. Risk Trend by State
   2. Risk Trend by Exposure
   3. Risk Trend by NAICS

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AbsolutePD Outlook is highly beneficial to five functions in the lending process.

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