Social Network Leverages Equifax Commercial for Data Hygiene, Data Management, and Model and Application Building

The Brief

Our client, a leading social network, was committed to delivering the best customer experience through digital transformation. They needed to ensure the highest quality data was going into their central data repository as well as their customer data platform, which aggregates and organizes data across various touchpoints.

Our client uses data to verify user-uploaded information and to confirm accuracy across the business universe, so optimal data hygiene, management, and model and application building is critical. Additionally, the data needs to sit across the entire enterprise so that every department in the organization has access to it.

The Best Data Available

Given the importance of the information across the organization, their decision involved a crossfunctional team of product, procurement, data, and analytics executives. When the time was right, they chose Equifax B2bConnect™ based on the breadth, depth and quality of our data.

Our B2bConnect™ database houses more than 120+ million business records globally and 50+ millions U.S. business records, and is used for data management and hygiene, as well as for analytics, fraud prevention, and marketing. It houses firmographic information, including business names, addresses, industry coding, revenues, and number of employees. Newly formed businesses are corroborated three ways before being added to the B2bConnect™ file.

With Corporate Hierarchy, in which corporate family trees are linked by unique EFX IDs, our client can uncover relationships among records to ensure accuracy across the social media platform. They can determine any business hierarchies or other associations.

Fueling Customer Experience

In our client’s business, customer experience reigns supreme. Digital transformation and high quality data are crucial for delivering an optimal user experience. They appreciated that we don’t just scrape websites to populate the B2bConnect™ file, which would result in less reliable data. With B2bConnect™, they have a core data file against which they can confirm accuracy of user-uploaded data before publishing it on their site. For example, if a customer applies to a job via the site, they need accurate business address information to indicate how far that customer might live from an office. If the address is outdated or incorrect, they could risk damaging their reputation or losing a customer.

Data for Any Use Case

With B2bConnect™, our client knows our information is the highest quality. And, while the core file is now being used for master data management, hygiene, modeling and application development, it ultimately could be used for anything — from product development to marketing. This powerful, accurate core data set can be leveraged enterprise-wide for unlimited use cases.

Product Spotlight

Our Commercial B2bConnect™ database houses more than 120 million business records globally and 50+ million U.S. business records. This unique data asset ensures clients have the highest quality data in their central data repository so it can be used for multiple purposes, including master data management and data hygiene.

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