Build Credibility with a Better Customer Experience

Small business loan applicants have choices. Credit originations that take too much time or effort just won’t work.

Welcome to Digital Lending

PayNet is transforming commercial lending to an automated, turnkey experience, one credit assessment at a time. The collective power of our massive database provides the innovation and inspiration for a vastly-improved customer experience.

The "Amazon effect" has raised expectations for a frictionless user experience, and financial institutions are struggling to keep up. With PayNet as part of your lending ecosystem, you’ll have all the tools at your fingertips to make a power play.

The Future of Lending

Jump on board with digital lending and see your results and reputation grow.

Faster "Time to Yes"

Speed up assessments to get cash in the hands of your customers faster.

Reduce Headaches

Don’t make your potential borrowers jump through hoops to get an answer.

Fewer Touchpoints

Efficient utilization of PayNet credit data gives you an innovation edge.

Breaking the Pattern

Poor underwriting practices increase the likelihood lenders are unwilling or unable to extend favorable terms, which in turn discourages further applications. It’s a vicious cycle. Fortunately, there’s PayNet to help you:

  • Reduce touchpoints all along the credit lifecycle customer journey.

  • Automate the collection of required financial information.

  • Enhance your internal logic with relevant research and performance data.

  • Speed up the time to yes—from months to days.

  • Enable you to increase loan volume without scaling up hiring.

Lenders not only improve their own profitability, but they build trust in a more efficient and automated decision-making process.

Get Ready for Disruption

Alternative lenders are disrupting the market. They’re out in front of trends to simplify the private loan market and gain market share in the process. PayNet knows that speed counts and customer service matters for everything.

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Boost your Reputation

PayNet lives in your world and speaks your language, so we’re ready to jump in with questions, brainstorms, and ideas to take your credit lifecycle customer experience to the next level.