Plant the Seeds for Profitable Growth

Balancing short-term demands with long-term growth takes intuition and analysis. And PayNet credit data.

Practical Growth Strategies

If small business is the engine of economic growth, small business credit data is the engine for institutional growth. With PayNet, you’ll be better equipped to come at higher profits from both directions:

  • cost reductions – from lowered costs of risk and reduced borrower touch time.

  • revenue gains – from more applications, more wins, and more accurate pricing.

Rapid growth. Greatly reduced loan risk. Complete compliance. When you’ve got the highest quality—and quantity—of private business credit data from PayNet, they’re all within reach.

Forward-Looking Models

PayNet trend analysis and market insights enrich your planning process.

Intelligent Trendspotting

Predict areas of contraction and growth to build and protect market share.

The C&I Opportunity

Take advantage of unprecedented small business loan demand.

Credit Scores & Histories

Get the most accurate and relevant information to make better decisions faster.

Better Credit Oversight

Make smarter choices about when, to whom, and how you grant loans.

Go Ahead, Be Aggressive

Anticipated small business loan demand is at its highest level in nearly 10 years, with nearly half of companies signaling a desire to seek capital infusions. Are you ready? With PayNet, you can set—and achieve—more aggressive growth targets. Our clients experience:

  • Average margin increases of 50%

  • Win rates boosted by 15-30% on average

  • Typically around 20-30% fewer defaults

In particular, banks leverage PayNet to capitalize on the most important growth opportunity—C&I lending. See past your current portfolio performance to a future of strong growth.

The User Experience Connection

Outdated origination processes erode customer trust and negatively impact growth. When you improve the journey through the loan application process and speed up time to cash, you win.

Prepare for Growth

When you integrate PayNet’s credit assessments into your multi-channel credit review and approval processes, you’re on the right path. PayNet makes you more responsive, so everyone thrives.