Issues & Solutions

Every function across the commercial lending spectrum has its own unique challenges. Serving as trusted advisors to small business lenders since 1999, we help improve credit risk identification, assessment and mitigation efforts from origination to collections. That’s why we've been able to develop a wide variety of tools and services that help our members make smarter, faster and more accurate lending decisions.

PayNet Products & Solutions:

Credit History Report

Credit Review ExpressTM

AbsolutePD® Dataset

AbsolutePD® Portfolio Manager

AbsolutePD® Stress Test Simulator

PayNet MasterScore® v2

Custom Score Variables v2

PayNet Advanced Score of ScoresTM

PayNet Absolute Expected LossTM

PayNet Portfolio Risk Manager®

Small Business Lending Index (SBLI)

Small Business Delinquency Index (SBDI)

Small Business Default Index (SBDFI)

Strategic Business Review