PayNet Risk Insight Suite®

The PayNet Risk Insight Suite® provides credit conditions and forecasts derived from our proprietary database of small business loans. Registered users of the suite are allowed to customize the data to uncover exclusive insights into the credit conditions of their specific market.

Explore our PayNet Risk Insight Suite and discover crucial lending information that includes state-by-state credit condition reports featuring:

Lending Activity -- Thomson Reuters/PayNet Small Business Lending Index (SBLI)

  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Compare your volume to industry-wide lending

Loan Performance -- Thomson Reuters/PayNet Small Business Delinquency Index (SBDI)

  • Gain insight into credit quality
  • Compare your portfolio to industry-wide performance

Default Rate Forecasts -- PayNet AbsolutePD® Outlook

  • Align growth with industry and regional trends
  • Identify risk before it reaches your portfolio
  • Streamline risk rating, loan review and renewal

To explore a range of indices and products that only PayNet is uniquely positioned to construct, calculate and provide, visit PayNet's Risk Insight Suite®