Small Business Insights

Knowledge is the most powerful tool for making business decisions when visibility is limited in the volatile small business lending and leasing environment. Quantified knowledge gives financial institutions a substantially greater ability to gauge a situation, establish strategies and direct a more efficient operational plan.

PayNet leverages the extensive breadth and depth of our proprietary database to provide unique and exclusive insights into the small business credit industry.  These include: 

Thomson Reuters/PayNet Small Business Lending Index (SBLI)
Small businesses generally respond to changes in economic conditions more rapidly than do larger businesses, so this index is a leading indicator of the economy by several months.  Learn more>

Thomson Reuters/PayNet Small Business Delinquency Index (SBDI)
This index measures small business financial stress and default risk at the national level providing early warning of future insolvency.  Learn more>

Small Business Credit Monthly Report
This report spotlights U.S. small business investment activity and related implications for economic growth as reflected by the latest movements of the SBLI and SBDI, including noteworthy regional and industry-specific developments.  View the most recent report>

Small Business Credit Outlook
This quarterly report presents the borrowing activity and actual risk behaviors of millions of small U.S. companies and provides loan default rates of small businesses for the previous 8 years as well as forward risk estimates.  Learn more>

PayNet leverages its expertise to publicly contribute insightful documentation and commentary on an on-going basis. Learn more>

Our webinars provide education and clarification of how our products and services help lenders assess the probability of default.  Learn more>