LTi Technology Solutions


PayNet, Inc. is partnered with LTi Technology Solutions, formerly LeaseTeam, Inc. to develop software that can seamlessly extract the appropriate credit data from the ASPIRE™ accounting system for participants in the PayNet service. Working with LTi to deliver an extraction tool provides a zero cost, “plug and play” solution for ASPIRE™ users to participate in PayNet. Creating a universal extract also ensures accuracy of the data going into the PayNet database.

LTi Technology Solutions is a market-leading software and business solutions company serving over 240 financial organizations throughout North America. With over 30 years of experience and expertise in the equipment finance and leasing industry, our innovative technologies continue to streamline lease and loan processing for users.

ASPIRE™, an end-to-end lease and loan management platform, allows businesses to stop talking about front- and back-end processes and start talking about managing the total transaction lifecycle—from a single system.