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Data live in all corners of your business. You need the ability to unify and harmonize data across your organization to integrate records through a unique identifier applied in real time. With B2bConnect™, get the information you need in minutes versus weeks so you can make better decisions faster. This includes insight into industry category, company size, ownership, firmographics, risk, and dozens of other nuggets.

When it comes to data-driven decision-making, we’ve got you covered across the full life cycle of your customer.


Talk about black holes. Incomplete and erroneous information will undermine the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.
What’s at stake: the validity of your customer acquisition and marketing strategies—and the company’s ability to meet marketing and sales objectives. Leveraging our B2bConnect™ database, we can help you target the right businesses and buyers with the B2B account data you need to prospect, segment, and retain key clients.

Our global data warehouse contains comprehensive business information on over 118 million businesses in over 240 countries and territories derived from over 150 data sources. By selecting sources of data, both global and domestic, that have proven to be best-in-class for the data that they specialize in, we are able to distribute the best available data to our customers. The record we present to a customer relates to a specific site location of a business entity and is formed by “layering” data from multiple sources and presenting selected elements from the various sources that have contributed data. We maintain an ongoing internal and 3rd party accuracy testing process along with accuracy testing for each data source regularly. Our customers find that we are able to provide superior depth and breadth of coverage relative to our competition. Plus, we can easily plug the data into Salesforce.com and other CRMs, giving you a “single source of truth” on customers.

Learn how getting control of data shortened reporting processes from weeks to mere hours for a global shipping and logistics firm.


Create your target personas. In gaining control of your data, you can support your marketing strategy development with two key insights: your ideal customer profile and market penetration. You’ll be able to identify the traits of your best customers and create a “best customer profile.” You can then apply these characteristics to other prospects to target optimal revenue-generating opportunities. What’s more, you’ll have access to the industry and geographic data you need to understand your footprint. Which sectors are up and thus suggest potential targets? Which sectors are down and may indicate you should proceed with caution? Take your targeting to a new level.

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It’s all about the connections. Armed with a “best customer profile,” you can uncover revenue opportunities, build and refine prospect lists, and approach decision makers with confidence. Knowing how one firm is linked to other businesses, owners, and guarantors is vital to assessing risk and uncovering opportunities. Using our unique linkage capabilities, we connect the dots between businesses, giving you critical insight into corporate hierarchies and enabling you to understand the full value of your customer relationship. Subsidiaries and parents of existing clients are a logical source for warm leads—now they can be automatically added to your targeted lists.

Know more about your customers, in real time:

  • Easily build management reports and charts
  • Access at-a-glance dashboard views
  • Monitor and analyze portfolio-level risk
  • Receive alerts about account changes


Stay on top of your customer relationships across the enterprise, every step of the way.

Learn how getting a 360-degree view of their customers drove the top line for one of the country’s largest site services providers.


You’ve got your customers’ attention—now keep it. With the B2bConnect™ database, you gain a true 360-degree view of your customers, which means endless opportunities for creating a personalized customer experience and keeping them engaged. You’ll have access to fresh data, insights, and connections to keep you on top of changing account dynamics and market and organizational changes—and can set up automatic email or CRM alerts so you don’t miss a beat on potential cross-sell or up-sell opportunities.

We bring the best combination of people and software to meet your data needs—corporate linkage to adjustments to corporate structure based on M&A activity.

We provide not just the B2B marketing data you need but also the service you want. What’s in it for you? You can keep your focus on marketing leadership—from strategy through to execution.

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