Credit Review Express™

Credit Review Express streamlines the credit review process and facilitates customized workflows based on each account’s level of risk. Using your business rules, Credit Review Express classifies accounts into risk categories to assign the level and frequency of review.


  • Reduce cost and improve timeliness of the loan review process. 
  • Facilitate customized review process based on level of risk.
  • Identify high risk borrowers for efficient allocation of resources.
  • Enhance Early Warning systems to identify deteriorating credits and take pro-active measures.

About Credit Review Express

Credit Review Express is an interactive, data-driven module to streamline your credit review process. Input your business rules based on acceptable level of risk tolerance. Combined with AbsolutePD values, these rules are used to determine the loan review type (e.g. full review, medium review, or light review) for each account.

The module is structured to provide a high level overview and drill down for details. Beginning with the customizable management dashboard you can drill down to see key information and action items for each account.

Credit Review Express also promotes appropriate record-keeping to provide support for credit decisions. Documentation can be produced and stored for each borrower account. For example, the Financial Statement Report aggregates the Credit History Report with borrower financials. A Diary function exists to keep a record of all the activity related to an account including credit decisions, action items, responsible party, and due dates. Finally, management reports can be produced to track portfolio performance over time and benchmark the portfolio compared to industry statistics.


To purchase Credit Review Express or to learn more about how it can benefit your credit review and portfolio management, contact us today.