Strategic Business Review Service

PayNet's Strategic Business Review (SBR) is a service that provides an in-depth, customizable and comprehensive benchmarking of a lender's loan/lease portfolio versus a comparable peer group for one or several strategic business segments.


  • Target portfolio strengths and identify weaknesses to improve future performance
  • Identify lower risk market segments for desirable growth
  • Track performance vs. competitor trends
  • Quantify market share
  • Provide objective performance metrics for management reporting and decision-making

Strategic Business Review

The Strategic Business Review delivers actionable solutions to optimize performance by identifying strengths and weaknesses compared with your peers while providing recommendations for future strategy. Strategic business units selected for review can be developed based either on the lender's own definition or by PayNet's standards.

Granular data on more than 60 different topics is available, including:

  • 31+, 61+, 91+ day delinquency, and default rates
  • Transaction metrics such as Original Transaction Size or Term
  • Borrower metrics such as Geographic Region, SIC, or Years in Business

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