The C&I Strategy for 2018
This article lays out a new framework for planning and operating the bank. You'll see that successful banks have figured out ways to generate decent returns even during rough economic, regulatory, or technology cycles. And they survive through the cycle because they have acquired a diversified set of assets.
Testimony to U.S. Congress on the State of Fintech
PayNet presented research to the House Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Tax and Capital Access to promote discussions regarding online lending's role in improving access to capital for small businsesses.
It's Gonna Take Time

By William Phelan in The RMA Journal June 2017

As upbeat as small business owners may be about the potential for better business conditions, they are waiting to see whether and when the building blocks for those conditions will be put in place
Banks Needn't Fear a 1984 Scenario

By William Phelan in The RMA Journal December 2016 - January2017

Community banks can use technology, the very tool being used so effectively against them by competitors, to solidify commercial and industrial (C&I) lending as a key business function delivering less risk and higher returns.
Looking Back, Looking Ahead: An Economic Stall

By William Phelan in The RMA Journal June 2016

The decline in small business investment means small business will not be in a position to contribute significantly to GDP over the next few months. The good news is that businesses remain financially viable with healthy balance sheets.
The Renaissance in Commercial and Industrial Lending

By William Phelan in The RMA Journal November 2015

This article makes the case for banks reestablishing dominance in the C&I lending market. Banks can improve processes, use technology, and harness data to solidify their C&I franchise and generate double-digit returns.
Small Business to the Rescue

By William Phelan in The RMA Journal July-August 2015

PayNet research shows that small business activity kept the economic expansion intact in the first quarter. With default rates abnormally low, this sector has an opportunity to finance bigger projects and really soar.
Success to Come in C&I Lending in 2015

By William Phelan in The RMA Journal November 2014

The economy is slowly but surely returning to equilibrium between risk and reward. The current conditions for commercial and industrial lending signal a sign of success to come for bankers.
How to (Safely) Grow Commercial and Industrial Loans

By William Phelan in The RMA Journal December 2013 - January 2014

Credit risk from C&I lending remains moderate and opportunities can be found. This article presents a five-step road map to help bankers safely grow their C&I earning assets in 2014.
PayNet Manufacturing Update: On Hold for a While

By William Phelan September 2013

Small business manufacturers reduced business investment in capital forming projects based on a recent study by PayNet.
Five Steps for Business Loan Planning in 2013

By William Phelan in The RMA Journal November 2012

Quantifiable data and analysis provide insight into lending trends, the financial health of small businesses, future projections of risk, and the current stage of the business cycle.
Fueling Economic Growth

By William Phelan in The RMA Journal November 2011

By examining borrowing and start-up activities as well as default rates by industry and geographic region, this report provides insight into the financial health of small businesses, the state of economic recovery, lending trends, and risk forecasts. The study provides a forward-looking risk forecast which estimates the probability that small businesses will default on their loan obligations.
Testimony of PayNet Before the U.S. House of Representative House Committee on Small Business Hearing on Putting America Back to Work: The State of the Small Business Economy

By William Phelan February 2011

PayNet provides insight into the state of the small business economy and the impact of credit availability to the small business economy, based on quantifiable data and analysis.
Economic Recovery and the Changing Landscape for U.S. Small Businesses

By William Phelan in The RMA Journal November 2010

By examining borrowing activities and default rates by industry and geographic region, PayNet was able to gather information on the direction of small business sectors.
The 12 Secrets of Commercial Credit Scoring: Confessions of a Closet Quant Jock

By Tom Ware in The Monitor September 2005

In this article, PayNet’s Tom Ware divulges the 12 secrets of commercial credit scoring. A self-admitted closeted “quant jock,” Tom’s confessions move the topic from the realm of the arcane to the world of clarity.
Information-based Risk Management and Tools for Basel II

By Bob Neagle in ELT July 2003

No matter how small or large the business, all lessors and equipment finance companies are interested in asset quality. Whether they securitize, syndicate, or hold for their own account, all of them need a way to monitor their portfolios, and to plan appropriate strategies to insure the collectibility of payments.
PayNet Provides Expert Testimony to U.S. Congress on The State of Fintech