CECL and PayNet Absolute Expected LossTM
PayNet Absolute Expected Loss enables lenders to derive Probability of Default, Exposure at Default, and Loss Given Default values to calculate Expected Loss and to determine prudent and defensible reserves for CECL.
Credit Review Express
Learn more about new financial technology and a solution lenders can use to gain operational efficiency by automating the credit review process
PayNet AbsolutePD® - Probability of Default Innovation - Small Business Lending with Safety and Less Cost
Learn about PayNet AbsolutePD – the revolutionary tool that provides estimates of default for borrowers without having to undertake costly collection and analysis of financial statements. PayNet AbsolutePD breaks new ground in credit risk measurement by factoring in economic conditions with a borrower’s loan experience. Probability of Default – a tool historically available only for large credit markets – is now available for lenders in the small-business market. Aired: October 15, 2011; Length: 42 minutes
Stress Testing Made Easier - Applying commonly accepted risk management practices to small commercial loan portfolios
Currently, stress testing at banks may be largely guided by regulatory mandates. However, in practice, stress testing is related to the exercise of generating proforma reports that banks have produced for decades for capital planning. This webinar begins with a discussion of the essentials of stress testing and the importance of probabilities of default in rating credit risk. The PayNet AbsolutePD Stress Test Simulator® is presented as a powerful risk management solution that enables banks to generate scenario-based probability of default predictions at the obligor and aggregate levels. This offering from PayNet was designed to support risk measurement under normal and stressed conditions specifically targeting the Small Business loan asset class. Aired: February 21, 2013