Going Digital with Beneficial Ownership & Financial Statements

Time is of the essence. Regardless of size, many institutions currently rely on manual processes to collect and certify beneficial ownership to meet the requirements of the FinCEN Beneficial Ownership Rule. Meeting Beneficial Ownership requirements is a large-scale effort. This costly, manual process consumes precious resources and time that could be better spent on client-facing activities.

Another area in which manual processes can get in the way? The aggregation, spreading, and analysis of borrowers’ financial statement data. Customers expect quick decisions and a seamless experience—and if you can't deliver, they'll seek alternatives.

Join us for a webinar in which you'll learn how you can go digital with your beneficial ownership and financial statement processing. We'll explain how you can:

  • Process beneficial ownership form(s), including certifications (e.g., e-signatures).
  • Identify and verify beneficial owners.
  • Keep and store PDF reports electronically or in print.
  • Extract financial statement data across SME accounting platforms (over 80% of major platforms are compatible).
  • Customize your view and see the information you care about most exactly how you want to see it.
  • Standardize analysis for underwriting, credit reviews, and portfolio management.