Automating Your CECL Process

The CECL method represents a significant paradigm shift for all organizations required to meet CECL regulatory compliance. Regardless of where you are in developing your Expected Loss solution, there's no time like the present when it comes to testing, implementing, or identifying a challenger against your model—so you are fully prepared when implementation time is here.

Rather than recognizing losses when a possible loss has already been incurred, our CECL model and BI tool will support your forecasting and recognition of all losses that are expected over the life of a financial instrument, starting today.

Enter the PayNet CECL solution, the feature-packed, user-friendly tool to help walk you through the CECL process. With the CECL solution, you'll get:

  • A sophisticated, statistical model built on proprietary industry data set
  • An account-level model that allows for granular assessment and CECL attribution
  • Flexible asset classification/pooling functionality and regulatory and internal reporting capabilities
  • A turnkey, workflow-driven tool


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