Q3 2020 Economic Update

According to the latest PayNet data, the Small Business Lending Index (SBLI) improved for the second month in a row, demonstrating the resilience of small business lending even as the pandemic continues and many small businesses operate at less-than-full capacity. Along with the increase in lending, there has been a rapid rise in defaults. According to NFIB, 2% of small businesses are currently closed, while 21% of small businesses expect to close in the next six months if economic conditions don't improve.

Keybridge Founder and President Dr. Robert Wescott and Vice President Jeff Jensen return for the third installment of our quarterly economic update webinar series, which will look closely at this uncertain environment and the near-term outlook for small businesses. Dr. Wescott and Mr. Jensen will also discuss the potential economic consequences of the upcoming U.S. election, including implications for U.S. economic policy, foreign policy, regulatory policy, and how small businesses may be affected.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear straight from the experts on how the next few months are shaping up for Main Street — and what the election means for small businesses moving forward.