Small Business Insights - February 2021

In the highly competitive lending market, speed, service, and customer experience make all the difference. If your credit process is on the cumbersome and labor-intensive side, making timely and risk-appropriate approvals becomes a challenge that your organization can't ignore.

Fortunately, you can overcome this challenge. Equifax presents a webinar to introduce BusinessConnect™, a technology-driven solution that helps simplify, streamline and accelerate credit management processes by automating routine manual tasks and decisions, and centralizing many operations under one interactive, cloud-based platform within Salesforce.

With BusinessConnect™, slow manual credit reviews are a thing of the past. What once took many days is accomplished within minutes, giving both the credit and sales teams the confidence to move forward with offers of appropriate terms. Faster turnarounds create more closes, as well as less wasted time on high-risk applicants.

Join Carol Smith, Pre-sell Product Specialist; Sarah Briscoe, Senior Statistical Analyst; and Elaine Makdah, Senior Index Developer as they present February's Small Business Insights webinar, moderated by Rissa Reddan, SVP, Marketing Leader at Equifax Commercial. They review the latest economic trends and small business lending and delinquency activity, and do a demonstration of BusinessConnect™.

Learn how you can leverage transparent and objective risk data to measure and strategically manage your business in 2021.