Small Business Insights - November 2020

Because small businesses generally respond to changes in economic conditions more rapidly than larger businesses, the Equifax Small Business Indices serve as a leading indicator of macroeconomic and industry trends.

According to the latest data, the Small Business Lending Index (SBLI) increased 9% from 131.9 in August 2020 to 143.9 in September 2020. Compared to the same month one year ago, the index is up 3%.

The Small Business Delinquency Index (SBDI) decreased 16 bps from 1.93% in August 2020 to 1.77% in September 2020. As compared to one year ago, delinquency increased by 16 bps (10%).

Given today’s environment, everyone is searching for answers on how they can return to opportunity. Fortunately for commercial lenders, manufacturers and business services providers, B2B data is available to guide us. Without access to intelligent data, the effectiveness of commercial prospecting and retention programs is anyone’s guess. Smarter insights drive smarter actions and verified data is more critical than ever for any decision maker.

Join Scott Wagner, Commercial Marketing and Data Management Services Leader; Sarah Briscoe, Senior Statistical Analyst; and Elaine Makdah, Senior Index Developer as they present the November small business insights webinar, moderated by Jennifer Ostyn, Senior Vice President, Commercial Sales. They will review the latest economic trends and the small business lending and delinquency activity, and offer their insights on how to leverage data to return to opportunity and drive ROI across the customer life cycle.

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